Promedi Medical Centre expands to Närpes

Promedi Medical Centre of Vaasa is expanding its operations to Närpes. Sydmedi, a new occupational health and medical centre, will be opened in the Mittistan complex, which Promedi is building in cooperation with the town of Närpes.

The new complex will comprise some 4200 sq. metres of business premises, approximately 500 square metres of which have been reserved for use by Sydmedi. Construction of the complex is underway with completion scheduled for the end of 2014.

Sydmedi will provide all the statutory occupational health services required for public-sector organizations and businesses and also a number of other services such as reports on working capacity and work-related illnesses and consultations with specialist physicians. Apart from occupational health customers, the Centre will also serve private individuals.

Sydmedi will employ a full-time staff of around ten. With respect to rehabilitation services, Sydmedi’s customers have access to the services of HärmäMedi Oy in Ylihärmä and day surgery is supplied by Sydmedi’s partner Oy KristinaMedi Ab, a surgical hospital located in the town of Kristinestad.

For additional information, contact the following:

Sydmedi Medical Centre, Unit Manager Majvor Wärn

tel. 044 725 1080, majvor.warn [at]">majvor.warn [at]

Promedi Medical Centre, CEO Mikael Fredman

tel. 044 3873800, mikael.fredman [at]">mikael.fredman [at]