Leasing information, Art gallery


Two weeks: 150 € + vat

A month: 300 € + vat


The art gallery space is L shaped with entrances and exits at both ends of the room (see map on the next page). Artwork need to be hung or placed alongside the walls to keep the passageway clear.


Installing/taking down the exhibition

The tracks used for installing are located 280 cm above the floor. The hall is 4 metres high. The equipment needed for hanging artwork are at your disposal according to agreement. Do you need help installing the exhibition? Remember to ask for help early enough, staff is not available at the art gallery.



Any serving arrangements must be made with Hotel Red & Green, bringing your own food and drink is not allowed.




A map of the art gallery is attached. Measurements are in centimetres. 


If you have any questions on the gallery space or booking, please contact:


Secretary of cultural affairs

Tel: 0405690901

E-mail: victor.stromback [at] narpes.fi